Friday, February 21, 2014

Animal Print Obsessions...

Well...when it comes to prints and colors I have a lot of them...but I guess you got used to all this. :D

Yep, the animal print! You didn't expect that! Or did you?
I absolutely love this print. Now, there are a few rules when it comes to wearing such a loud type of print (keep in mind, all animal prints follow the same rules: leopard, zebra, snake skin etc. etc.) They are big, wild and in your face. So, pay attention!

1. find how much of a animal print (or even simply print) person are you. Me, even if I like it a lot, I usually wear it on my accessories. Like shoes, belts, scarfs...but mostly shoes. Yep, more then 10 pairs in animal print and still counting.

2. be sure to get a quality animal print. The more realistic, the better. I'm telling you this because I'm against real fur or skin! No need for pain and suffrage, when it comes to our style, right?

3. at some point you might decided to buy a piece of clothing in full animal print. My advice is to wear it with almost nothing (meaning: nude, neutral, basic pieces. So that IT will stand out as it should)

4. remember: the animal print is almost as eternal as the little black dress. You just have to know 'how it's trendy to wear it': in the details, full, neon etc. The styles are endless...

5. for the courageous ones! The animal print looks fantastic when mixed with other prints. Yep, I'm talking about the print-mix, that (when done correct) looks absolutely fantastic! My favorite!!! So. For this, I recommend the zebra print (being monochrome, it is the easiest one to mic with other prints). So, add a detail in full strong color and a detail in a completely different colors and type (if a print is in lines, the other one will look fantastic if it has rounded shapes). You get it!

For more inspiration, take a look at the examples below. I used 3 dresses made by me form the Missy Messy Roots collection and the Entitles Bully collection.
The rules are the same for when wearing pants, or skirts. I just used dresses as an example, because it is a more simple presentation :). Remember: Like in all fashion, less is more when it comes to animal print. But sometimes...more is simply more and better!
It all depends on how you fell, your personality and your style. Don't ignore them!!!
visual examples made with the help of polyvore

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