Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes...We Go Crazy...

...and the world goes crazy with us!
I guess crazy loves company, or something like that!

6:00 am - getting up
6:30 am - washing body, hair, teeth, face...
7:00 am - eating something
7:30 am - getting dressed
8:00 am - the day starts (officially)
...from this point on, it all goes down the hill. No more schedule. Fabrics, orders, meetings with clients, meetings with suppliers...a 30min break for friends and coffee...buttons, real-estate agents, brides, flowers, driving.
10:00 pm - back home
10:10 pm - on-line duty!
Bed time?...what time?! where?! when?!
Maybe I'll sleep tomorrow...

It's all crazy but it's beautiful.
Beautiful crazy! (and yes, this post is only an excuse for a song, at the end of it!)
The photos? By a friend. Why mirrors? Well...mirrors are special to me (only really special friends know why). hey! We all have our little crazy moments, objects, tricks...
How about you?the song I was telling you about:Images: theFword

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