Monday, May 16, 2011

I ♥♥♥ United Nude

And I'm sure by now you all now it's just a little more then love!!! For me, United Nude is like air!!! I need them to survive! (in a future post I'll show you my newest pair!)

What do we have here? World, meet the Flat Pack Shoe ! The show that you assemble!!! Even if it has a childhood feeling, I'm sure you can see how fierce their look is! Now, I'm not sure where I would wear them...but that never stopped me for buying a great pair of shoes! :))

More about the project. More about the Flat Pack Shoe :
It's United Nude's contribution to Moon Life project initiated by performance artist Alicia Framis, basically it debates humans living on the Moon and in the Universe by creating objects they could use in every day life.
Flat Pack shoe is meant to be used both indoors and outdoors, United Nude designers had in mind earth and 0 gravity conditions and to make this light shoe even easier to travel with you would have to assemble it out of a flat package.
Dear United Nude! I will love your products forever! And I promise here and now, that I will own all your collections (not in all colors...but all the models)!'s all ♥♥♥!!!From: Design Scene

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