Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bombshell

Bombshells are a special kind of sex symbol. Bombshells are popular icons recognized for their curves, sex appeal and larger than life persona. The term carries an implication of a voluptuous female sex icon.
I can't think of a better example then Valerie! Valerie van der Graaf, that is! The girl has the va-va-va-voom all figured out! From the top of her head, to the toes of her feet, she is all curves and she know it!
Doesn't she remind you of Barbarella? I see a similarity...and I'm loving it!

Magazine: Avantgarde (June 2011 issue)
Photographer: Klaas Jan Kliphuis
Model: Valerie van der Graaf
Styling: Roel SchagenFrom: Fashion Gone Rogue

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