Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Heart Man

For a while now, I've been secretly stalking him...or his work. Because he is responsible for the big, red hearts all over Romania, especially in Bucharest (capital city of Romania).

For me, he is The Heart Man. The one that holds in his cans all the love a city can give. He tells me that all it's good, no matter what, he tells me LOVE! Because he, just like me, believes that it's all about the LOVE! (I don't really know this...but I like to believe it's true).

So, being the obsessed person that I am, I've been asking about him for a while now...and finally the HERO sent me this article about him (it's in sorry!!!). The Heart Man is real. He's not just in my mind!

Here you can see some of the hearts I managed to "snap!". My personal favorite is the white one. Because the owners of the building tried to hide it...but true love always prevails!!! :)) Images: theFword, Romania Libera

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