Monday, September 13, 2010

to My Redhead!

Happy Birthday to My Redhead!!!

Now, you know I love you and I'm so sorry I can't be close to you on your birthday...even so, I'm trying to make up with this post (with lots of Happy B-DAYs!!!) May all your wishes come true, be happy and healthy and a smart-ass! Can't wait to have another beer with you on the top of the hotel! Kisses and LOVE!!!I did the photos after work and the outfit is especially for the Redhead. The ring I got from her, also the earrings. The top is from the Hero and I just thought it will make her laugh! :)) Hope it worked!Images: theFword


noemi said...

It did work :). That beer on top of the hotel sure sounds nice, in fact any beer with you sounds nice. Thanks, N.

Arina said...