Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Wear My Heart on the Outside

He said: She builds walls not to keep you out, but to see if you love her enough to climb over, instead of walking away.
She didn't say anything and things went silent!
One year later, she stopped building walls, she started talking.
Now...I Wear My Heart on the Outside! I love you!
This is part of a larger project I'm doing now, called Feelings. And (no big surprise) the first one was about love...
Also, this photoshoot was made especially for Kinema Ikon.

Now, we did the shooting right next to the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage fair, last weekend. The model was Ana-Maria Morodan (High Street Cardigans) and she just rocked the coat!

About the coat. Well, more on the site soon! Until then. Just start wearing your heart on the outside!Images: ArinaVarga


Anonymous said...

The coat is sublime !

Sunshine Sarah said...

I absolutely love this coat! M-am indragostit de la prima vedere! :D

Arina said...

:)) 10q girls! Happy you like it! :)

Alice in vintageland said...

It's divine, just divine, I love it!:)

ARA said...

gorgeous . Love it.xx

Anna said...

this is soo beautiful!

fsf said...

Buna, Andressa,

Sunt redactorul blogului Iti citesc de ceva vreme blogul si ma fascineaza felul in care scrii. De aceea iti propun sa fim parteneri blogroll. Daca si tie iti surade ideea, te invit sa ma adaugi in lista de blogroll si eu voi face asisderea.

Spor la bloggerit si o dupa-masa fantastica!

Jericho said...

"cartman , you just said the f word!"
"what word? jew?"

"cartman, how would you like to see the school principal?"
"oh yeah?! how would you like to suck my balls, mr. garrison?;;)"

just sayin'.