Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Getting Personal

without wanting, I managed to turn this cu-cu blog in a little (just sometimes) personal blog. You started to know me, my problems and (hopefully) my happiness.

Moving was hard. It still is. But I realized that my loneliness made me more sensitive. I really appreciate spending time with my friends, going out for coffee, walking in Ikea... :)) yeah, I know what I'm talking about! I used to want BIG things, now I want small ones. Small at first glance, huge and endless at the second glance! I wish for rainy days, long walks on the city streets, baking cupcakes, cleaning my apartment, cuddling, watching bad movies, coffee with the girls, window shopping, fluffy pillows, vanilla candles, a cat sleeping on my tummy, green tea...



nookie said...

those glasses;x
that's what happens with blogs usually:)

Arina said...

yeah...i tried to avoid but...pufff!:)))