Sunday, September 26, 2010

About the LOVE

Those who know me personally, know I have a saying:
It's all about the LOVE!

No matter if there are problems or happy times, the reason (as far as I go) is LOVE. For me, it was all good, then all bad and then...pufff. Let's just say confusing and leave it like that! Now, I found my inspiration in it. So, made it into reality, had a little photoshoot with Ana-Maria Morodan and soon (this week) I will show you the result. Keep in mind, it's a soul-project!

Image: theFword


Sunshine Sarah said...

uhuuu! can't wait!
Love the ring!


P.S.: I'm so drunk. :))

nookie said...

awww,lovely ring!
and I wanted to post pics..I'm gonna wait then:)

Sara said...

Very exciting! Love the ring and love soul- projects!:)

Arina said...

ohhh!!! 10q girls!!! you are so sweet!!!