Friday, September 10, 2010

Do You Have The Time

Nothing but time! :) I'm living something that for most is a dream. I have time. I do my job, I read, I take walks, I go shopping, I do sports. I have time.Even so, sometimes too much time turns out not to be a blessing. Too much time to think about things and analyze them into the smallest details. Can make you go crazy :))

Now, back to my posts subject. I'm a TOO LATE (check out the new models!!!Loooove them!) obsessed person, that's why I got more then excited about this watch! So, here I am, introducing you to O Clock Timepieces:
Any trendsetter knows that time is of the essence, and with that in mind, these O Clock timepieces from Milan, Italy look to be right on trend-time. Available in 15 fantastically bright colors, O Clock watches are affordable, durable, water resistant, and packaged in a playful pop-top can. These pieces are a great reason to stop relying on your cellphone to tell the time, and make a statement instead.
So...what to I usually say now? Mustttt Buyyy! ;))From: Format Magazine

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