Friday, September 17, 2010

MadeMe...for You!

For a while now, we haven't really talked about fashion (and collections). Not that I think it's so important. Everybody is talking about collections, fashion shows and here we need to keep it a little lighter. Keepin' it on a more inspirational mode, a learning one. :)

But, never the less, when I crossed by the Made Me (a New York based brand) fall-winter 2010 collection, I knew I had to share. Why? Because it's a easy way to see that the 80s-90s trends still keep their spot in the light, but with a more sporty twist right now. As far as I go, it's a very NY, very fresh and very cool collection. Great for youngsters and also for free-fun time!
The collection is available on the Made Me site. So start shopping!*I think my mom had a striped suite like that one! When I go home (soon) I promise to take some pictures wearing it :)))From: C'est La Vie


Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

This is fun! You HAVE to take pics of the suit if you find it!

Arina said...

ohhh! Believe me. As soon as I'll get to Arad, I'll improv a photo shoot with my moms crazy 90s dresses :)))) OMG!!! She was all about that fashion! Crazy make-up, perm hair, shoulder pads, electric colors...uhh!
Yes, it will be fun! :)))

Ana said...

Arina do not dare to do that without me!!!!

te i

Arina said...

cred ca e mai mult decat evident!!! :))) iiiii inapoi!!!