Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Rover Dog is 'Pugalicious' much as it hurts to look at these images, I must share them with you...because these pugs are just too cool!!!

Too cool for school, for the beach, for the back yard, or for the city streets! What can I say? Style baby! Style!
All thanks to Rover Dog, whom have the plan to save the world by dressing pugs (and other dogs+cats) in stylish trenches, shirts, coats...and they are doing a pretty good job! Just look at the details :)

I miss Frankie. I miss him everyday. It's amazing how much we get attached to the little souls full of love, that live right next to us! So, let's end by sending Frankie all the love to puppy heaven! :***

Now, be prepared for a 'pugalicious' treat! :)))Also something for the chickas:Even cats must be in-style!From: Rover Dog

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