Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spirals in the Snow

Pretty, right?
Ohhh...alost makes you want for winter to stay longer...ok, not that far! It's really pretty, really cool...but, again: SUMMER WE WANT!

Here, you can see the work of Sonja Hinrichsen. Crazy and hypnotic, makes you think about winter-aliens? Me, I see strings. Perfect strings all over a white blanket. But maybe that's just me, thinking fashion almost all the time...

So, it's official. This is the last winter-related post (until December, maybe). Good-bye cold weather! I'm ready for warm winds, colored cocktails, blue waters and sunny music! :)From: Thaeger


D. said...

postul asta chiar mi-a placut :)

Arina said...

ei, asta chiar ma bucura :)