Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pour les Touristes

This is the project of photographer Phillip Kalantzis Cope, about the world seen out of a plane window.

'On the plane', tells the story of the unnatural/natural feeling that us, humans, have as we fly way up in the sky! We really enjoy it, but at the same time find it incredibly uncomfortable. A feeling of misplacement builds inside us and at the very same time we feel a freedom that simply has no compassion!
Being in flight is one of the most unnatural, extraordinary, ordinary experiences of modern life. When we climb to 30,000 feet, our perspective looking down at the world becomes that of a deity, and the rules of time and space are altered as we rush over the earth.
In flight we are able to view the most remote corners of the natural world and the vast spread of the world we have constructed. It gives us the unique perspective to look at the interaction of the natural and constructed in a truly holistic way.
I feel like taking off...
Just for a few days, just for the sake of traveling...From: Brekend

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