Friday, February 24, 2012

This Is The Men

This shoot reminds me of a rather old French Connection collection video. Do you remember it? It was called This is the Men (and This is the Women - for the lady's collection).

Yep...this is THE men!
Strong, ragged, peaceful, a artist, a thinker, a philosopher, an appreciator of arts. He has strong believes and believes in himself! He will always be a gentlemen and an animal (when he has to...if you know what I mean). Athletic and elegant, wise and with a great sens of humor. He laughs with all his heart and cries for within his soul...

This is the men. Is he? he real? He might just be. Because a real men, is ...well, real! You learn to love all the good things and the bad things about him. Because all of them, make him the men he is!

Magazine: Robb Report
Issue: March 2012
Editorial: Outside The Lines
Model: Rainer
Groomer: Martial Vivot
Stylist: Christopher Campbell |Atelier Management|
Photographer: Blair Getz Mezibov
Website: Atelier ManagementFrom: DesignScene

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