Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happily Ever After

I finally managed to get my hands on some photos from Saturday's fashion show (at Expo Arad). Hope you will enjoy them!

This is how I see brides...as individuals! Each bride for me is unique and should have her very own wedding dress, different from all the other wedding dresses. This white gown should tell your story, what you like, what you don't...or in the words of a client:
it should shout out loud I LIKE TO JUMP!
As I said, this are just a few ideas. I, as a designer, need a muse when it comes to a wedding dress! :)

And remember to always believe in: A Happily Ever After!A few detail-shoots:Dana and Gabi decided to have a little fun in the snow:Models waiting to prepare for the show, after they were finished with hair and make-up...Photo: Dusan Mereniuc and Valerian Ardelean
Designer: Arina Varga, Atelier Arina Varga
Hair: Bianca Pilan
Make-up: Dana Bugariu

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