Monday, January 24, 2011

Paint it Black (all over again)

As we should do every winter, our clothes are turning black! So, after the Paint it Black mini-collection a few years ago, it was time for some new pieces!

Remember, the length of the dresses (and skirt) can be modified to your choice! Interested? E-mail for more info!

First in line, is the skirt, combined with the Mocking Bird t-shirt! (why Mocking Bird? Because this little birdie is turning into a Phoenix, rising for it's own ash. More soon!)The fun, play-time dress, with bows on the shoulders and an empty back. Perfect for a good time, this dress just loves to dance the night away!For a more serious look (with a little "sexy") you could go for this dress. The double paint on the neck line can also act like an accessory!
Also, remember, the length can be modified (according to your needs)! Designs: Arina Varga
Photographer: Florin Varna
Model: Hileaga Adriana

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