Friday, January 14, 2011

KF, Colors, Art and Arad

Well, well!
As I told you in a previous post and also showed you there, my all time favorite place in Arad featured an art show!

This evening was the actual event:
BAZAR 001 expo.
Address: Arad, No.11, p-ta Avram Iancu
Date: 14-22 January

If you are in Arad these days, be sure to check it out! From what I heard, you can even take one home (for the right price I guess..:) ). Plus, we can have coffee and art, almost in the same place! :) KF! (be sure to check the blog for more interesting images)

*the owls are for my Redhead! The stickers on the window, for somebody that remembers a certain door!Images: theFword

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