Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looklet Look

This was so much fun! Last night, I got home really late and just couldn't sleep. No way, no how (a problem that's been keeping up for a while now). So I was wasting my time on-line and started talking to Laura Tenshi, from Tokyo and Seoul Dreams.

Started making fun, laughing and one thing to another, she decided to make a look after a photo of mine, on Looklet (all because of the models hair cut). This is the look and lower you can see the images that inspired it! She even put there the camera ;)))))))))

Love it! Uh, people can make great things while sleep deprived :))) Don't you agree? So, if you have a problem with sleep, have some fun on Looklet. The Sims of Fashion, as Laura calls it! ;)))

Again, 10q sweetie!From: Laura Tenshi


Laura Tenshi said...

:))) It was a lot of fun for me too, I am glad you liked it. I was searching for a top with a Grizzly bear print, but that was quite a challenge. Had to improvise, but it turned out great. Just that she looks a little angry and you are a sweetheart.

Arina said...

:))) I could get angry! Arrrrr! :)))
no matter! I love it!