Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Wait a Little

First of all, sorry for all the "personal posts" lately. It's just a faze I guess! :)) The main reason is because I'm super busy and the little free time that I have (about 2h/day, from 8PM to 10PM) I rather spend with people :)) Not home alone.

It's a busy time, because I work day and night. For others and for me. The night is mine! ;))) So, I'm almost done with what I'm doing. I Wear My Heart on the Outside became a mini-collection, fallowing a story. Plus, new items from Paint it Black! :)

You will see a lot of new things, designs. I wanted to do the photoshoot this week, but now (on Thursday) it just doesn't look possible anymore. That's why: NEXT WEEK! :)) Can't wait to shear the images with you! :))
Have a great working day!Images: theFword

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