Monday, January 3, 2011


Not really the FIRST, but the 3ed and Monday at the same time ... well, that's good enough for me! (and in this case, it should be good enough for you too)

So, started the year with loads of fun, all after a little adventure in the last hours of 2010(those dear to me, know what happened). Even so, I'm really happy to be back and excited for the future. Made my resolution-list and believe me, it's LLLLONG! This will be hard but not impossible (if I take it one at the time).

How about you? Did the New Year make you wanna make some changes? Look for the future? Or maybe you just don't plan ahead and take each day at a time! (that's a good idea too)

As far as the picture in this post...well, it's real (not fake, computer-generated one). Just thought about leaving it all behind. Treasure the past, love the present and enjoy the future. Pufff...just life. The best thing about goes on!

Love you all! Yes, I use theFword!

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