Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am...

Uh, my friends. I love them! With all my heart I tell you! They are fantastic! Mostly because they challenge me to do things I never want to do! (that's the way to go)

Now, I'm not a very out-going person. If you asked me, I'm more of a conservator. I don't take risks, I plan. Like crazy I plan. So, their newest project is to make me socialize! Taaa-dammmmm! ;))) A very hard thing for me to do (even if most people that know me, don't see me like that).

That's why lately I've met so many boys and girls! Fantastic people, with fantastic personalities! So this got me thinking. Every person I meet, I talk to, influences me. People, the way you act around me, is reflected in my work! I am but a mirror! :)

Yes dear friends, meeting new people is good for me! Now, I can only agree! More on this soon (in images!)

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