Monday, October 11, 2010

When in Love...

GET THIS BAG!!! OMG! This is love at first click for me. Sooo much fun and cute and artsy and everything a girl could ever dream of! From Mata Hari comes The Linda With Pastel Color Blockin (uh...not that inspiring...the name that is)!

Now, I couldn't find a site, except the page on Karma Loop (other sites sell it too, but I don't care much. When it's on Karma Loop it's enough for me). They have it for $98.00. Now, that's not cheap, but it's not a lot...if you ask me. You get more then a little bag, you get an amazing accessory that will go with tones of stuff from your wardrobe!

I am seriously thinking of getting one! :)->surprised?:))From: Karma Loop

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