Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey kiddies! - a greeting in the style of Joshua Hoffine. Now, this is his latest photo-project, called KEYHOLE. The idea behind it is truly interesting and exciting, but who better to tell you about it then the artist himself:
What if you look through your keyhole and discover an axe murderer right on the other side of your door?
And he catches you watching?
For me, this image is about the mechanics of Horror. I wanted to create an image that would cast you – the viewer – as a character in the scene. I centered on the idea of having the camera look through a keyhole, believing that this device would establish an implicit P.O.V. perspective for the viewer. This image is about voyeurism, about seeing something that you shouldn't, and worse – being caught in the act. In this image you – the viewer – are the incumbent victim.
Now, many of you are really shocked to find out that I'm a big horror fan - and by that a big fan of Joshua Hoffine's work. But for me, the most interesting thing is not the photo itself, but the idea behind it and the making-off! That's why I decided that this time, I will share with you how it was made!

So take a look at the pictures here and also on his blog. Be amazed and know this: it was shot at a friend's house, with his friends helping! :)) Now that's a fun Saturday-evening project! :))) So, enjoy!From: Joshua Hoffine

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