Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 800th Post

to me!!!:))Image: theFword


Katia said...

Thank you for sharing your world.
I like the aesthetics of the images that you present us. I like your constant search for topics that deals with different kinds of art. I discovered many artists through you and I discovered you.
I love your fun. I love your creativity.
Your blog is not as an umpteenth fashion blog like a shop window of supposed must-have brands to be in. It has a real personality.
Multumesc si numai bine,
Une fidèle lectrice,

Arina said...

OMG!!! You are sooooo sweet! :))
10q 10q 10q!!!!
kisses and love!!!

nookie said...

congrats! many many more:)

ps: fata mea in poza aia nu e blog material:))

Arina said...

10q sweetie! Si sa stii ca nu accept scuze! Asa ca...STOP IT! (iti spun asta cu toata dragostea) :)))