Friday, October 8, 2010

MARK DEAN VECA - I'm Amazed!

As I kept saying in all my interviews, I get my inspiration from the people I know and meet. So today, a very dear friend of mine, showed me Mark Dean Veca and I instantly became a fan. That's why, here I am sharing with you the work of this amazing artist!

I'm fascinated of his ability to create volume with only a few black lines and organic texture with deep red. Violent and at the same time personal (because of the anatomy-like feeling of it) the work captures your attention at first glance. It's like an alchemical process, where a 2D images turns into a 3D one, without looking fake!:)

That's why, it wasn't a surprise to me when I found a connection between Mark Dean Veca and the clothing industry (street one, of course). But more on that soon! 'Till then, enjoy some of his work!From: Mark Dean Veca

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