Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The LOVE Ring

People, I have a problem! And it's getting to be pretty important. Maybe more of an addiction, that people around me just seem to love. People!!! It's not ok to feed one's addictions! Or is it?

In this case, it's more then ok. It's wonderful. Because, as I said it before it's all about the LOVE and Fashion is Supposed to be FUN! So, just combine the two and you get: the love ring! Got it from the Hero (so you just can imagine it means way more to me)'s just so cool! Like screaming LOVEEEE!

A few words about the product:
love ring
a designboom exclusive,
available in high polish silver plated finish
and yellowish gold-color finish.

one size only!
handmade finish, internal diameter slightly different for each ring:
it varies from 16,5 to 17,5 mm

$69 product + $7 shipping and handling = $76 total
Hey...I really like this one. Seriously! Non of that silly stuff. This is just so beautiful and true. This is love!From: designBoom


Ana said...

Did you order it? Cause I know you wanna??? BIG SPENDER ;):**

Arina said...

look who's talking!!! :*