Thursday, October 14, 2010

Easy as 132 5

I'm speechless! This concept by Issey Miyake will just blow your mind! Now, I don't find it necessary to rephrase things that were already said better, so here is the presentation of the product:
Issey Miyake’s new “132 5. Issey Miyake” line, however, has our number. Based on origami and the concept of regeneration, the statement garments lie folded flat like a series of collapsed geometric landscapes. Pulled up and unfolded, however, each compressed form gracefully resolves into a three-dimensional shirt, jacket, skirt, or dress that can be worn in myriad—if acutely angled—ways.
The secret to 132 5, which was conceived by Miyake’s Reality Lab, lies in its mathematical elegance. The clothing is first designed using a software program, devised by computer scientist Jun Mitani, that generates intricate three-dimensional shapes from a single flat sheet of paper. Once Miyaki and his team replicate the forms in recycled PET polyester, they examine ways of refolding the garments into flat, planar shapes through the incorporation of cut-lines.
This is how it works (step-by-step):The name of the project also has a special mathematical meaning (that I'm also crazy about):
1 refers to the single piece of cloth used to make each item
3 to indicate its three-dimensional shape
2 to the fact that it can be flattened two-dimensionally
The single space denotes the time between the completion of the folded form and the moment someone puts it on
5 signifies the concept's multiple permutations
Is there anything more to say? Uh...I'm in love! This is just too much! :) So beautiful and perfect. Strong, but at the same time soft and romantic! LOVE IT!

Text from: ecouterre
Images from: TrendHunter


Andreea said...

GEEEEEEZ, this is way brilliant. loooove it!

Arina said...

yeah! You know, I was wondering, how does he see the world?! I'm sure not like all of us...