Friday, October 8, 2010

To Do...

Still in my dark period and it's seems there just isn't a way out! I'm trying, but I just don't know for how long I can keep this up! This is a list of things I have to do in order to save myself (or I think it might work...who knows...)

1. get a silly-ass tattoo! Laugh about it later with my daughter and never regret doing it!
2. find a home! Not a place to live in. Not just a roof over my head. But a HOME.
3. stop being such a push-over! Fight back, but only if necessary. Otherwise, just walk away!
4. start getting used to being lonely. At the moment, people just don't seem to want to be around me. So instead of forcing them...I'll just pull away.
5. read again One Hundred Years of Solitude . What better book for this moment of my life?
6. have a look-make-over! Don't really want it, but I feel like I need it!
7. try not to cry everyday. Every two-days it's accepted.
8. continue with the I Wear my Heart on the Outside project. Even tough now it just seems hopeless.
9. write on the blog everyday. Or even more times a day if I feel the need. It's my personal-shared place here! :))
10. ...?hmmm will think about it!:))

All this, I have to do by the end of this month! So, on one of the first days of November, I'll let you know how it all turned-out! :)
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Inge said...

Ouch Arina, all sounds very depressing. here's my advice: forget about the might regret it eventually, it might affect your health eventually,...there are so many minuses connected to a tatoo...but get a temporary one if you really feel like having one...there are some who last for 2-3 years and then vanish ;)
finding a home is making a home!
we will always be lonely, even if we are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people...this is a lesson one learns the hard way...i'm still learning to face it! try to laugh every day! crying eats your energy.
Always continue your projects!
Every time i want a new chapter in my life, i go and cut my hair!

Arina said...

puffff...don't know what 2 say:)))