Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Colorful Yarn-Bomb

Well, for this, a big thank you is in order to Alina Tanasa! She was the one that found this funny artist, that prepares the city (and the urban landscape) for winter!

Streetcolor is (from what I could understand) a group of urban "terrorists" that yarnbomb! Suspense! Panic! :)))))) They are just sooo cool! I just love them! No one can argue they are exactly what the doctor ordered for the gray and cold city! Great job! And hey, I'm waiting for you in Romania!!!
Now, a little about their work:
I’ve realized that sewing the pole cosies up and talking to people as we do it is a big part of the art. While I sewed up the Stop sign pole some drivers would notice and shout encouragement, little kids would look shocked and thrilled and one woman got out to talk. Neighborhood people are very ambitious “Cover all the poles” They urge.
From: Streetcolor's Blog


Faboulista said...

oh wow thats interesting stuff. i espeiclaly love the black and orange knits around the parking meter pole. just in time for halloween if it was up to me and i was a mayor of a city i would hire them to decorate all the city poles for halloween. it would be just perfect.

Arina said...

:) I agree!