Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vinyl Love

For the past week, the subject of "vinyls" just keeps popping in every conversation! Starting with a music festival somewhere near where I live, continuing the arriving of the Hero and finishing with me decorating a very important place.
As an individual I was known as the DJ or the mixer.
Grandmaster Flash
So, in order to celebrate this spooky coincidences, here are a few photos with old-school, cooler then cool celebrities and vinyls! In perfect order: Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Björk, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston, Sophia Loren (uh...she always looks lovely), Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley and John Lennon.

It's true. There's a special experience in finding a vinyl record. The hunt, the digging it takes...and then, getting home and losing yourself in the music. The sound the needle makes when it touches the record...priceless! From: MC Winkles

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