Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Internet Addictions no particular order! ;)))

We must thank Andrea Vascellari for this internet-vices illustrations! So, thank you!'s all true! Or, as my friends would say: it's funny because it's true!

Might as well face it: you, just like me, are addicted to the Internet and all it's fun fun fun! Social platforms, blogs, sites bla-bla-bla. I just don't know anymore. I just know I get intoxicated on them everyday and I don't wanna stop!

Is it bad for me? It sure is!
Should I just stop? Nope...maybe longer brakes!

It's the era of communication! The internet made it...and maybe the internet will end it!..actually, I'm pretty sure that's how it will happen.
But until then, enjoy and have a laugh! ;)From: InspireFirst

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