Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving at Breakneck Speed

As you might know by now, this is the name of Ugly Duckling's new album! Andy Cooper, Dizzy Dustin and Young Einstein are coming out with a bang! It's so fresh and old school at the same time, that I can only love it!

Yep...yep...I am a fan (but I'm sure you already know that). That's why I couldn't help myself not sharing the images form their latest album-shooting. Why the nomad feel of the pictures? well...Andy Cooper explained it:
After so many years of being in the record business as an independent group, we’ve been with a million labels and licensing and so forth, that we’re kind of on the run. We’re always making our living touring and traveling. And we almost feel like were outlaws on the run from the music industry because we never play by anyone’s rules.
We do the music we want to do.
We sample.
We’ve never given much consideration to making music for our consumer.
We’ve always done what we feel is right.
Pufff...and it just sounds so so right! Hope you enjoy the new album and also the pictures! Yep, meet Ugly Duckling! ;)From: Overexposed and Out of Focus


Aura said...

I'll make sure to check them out. Haven;t listened to their music yet.


Arina said...

you'll love them! ;)))