Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Summer Mornings...

Mixed-cereal toasted bread.
Fresh tomatoes.
Mozzarella or Brie cheese. (Or?!?!?!'s a summer Sunday morning, so I'll just have them bought!!!)
An over-sized espresso.
From 9am to almost 1pm -> in front of the laptop reading the fashion-news.

For me, this is perfect. How do you spend your Sunday Summer Mornings?


Aura said...

I'm always feeling like I'm out of time - don't know why, it's just impossible for me to relax for more than 15 minutes:) - so, on Sunday mornings, I'm usually planning the rest of the day.


Arina said...

oh girl!!! you need some personal "you"-time! You'll're going to loveee it!;)