Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have a Sit!

While doing a personal research on interesting elements of furniture, I came across this chair. The Comfy Cargo Chair! (say Hello!)

I just love it! Because the designers didn't complete the design. They just did the grids, the shapes, and they left the rest to all of us. Personalize it! Make it perfect for your room! Pufff...perfection! Minimal and fun!
The ‘Comfy Cargo Chair’ consists of 52.46 meters of 8mm sturdy rounded steel. It has 66 curved elements and alone weighs 20.89 kg, with a volumetric capacity of 0.5 cubic meters. Together the cross beams and curves provide a very stable construction for sitting. The complex design is the result of a period of digital drafting and production technology. This process, along with the CNC controlled bending of the metal curvature, made the efficient production of such a seemingly complex structure possible.
Yep, I want one! :)From: Blue Strawberry

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