Friday, July 15, 2011

A Perfect Fit

Fitting is essential when it comes to fashion. If the fit is not fantastic, the fabric, the cut...just don't matter anymore!

Why this subject? Well...this Saturday I'm going to a wedding. All good, except for the eternal question: what am I going to wear? a fashion designer and fashion lover, I have hundreds of dresses...but as usual, non of them worked!

So...before I surrendered and decided to make myself 2 new dresses, I visited the "old wedding dresses" sector in my closet. There I have dresses I used to wear when I was younger at weddings and different family events. Dresses I don't wear anymore, but I keep them anyway...just in case! ;) Anddd, to my surprise: they didn't fit anymore!!! Loose in the waist, too short, small in the shoulders...imagine my panic!

Who to call? Who knows best in situations like this?! MOM!!! Her answer to my problem: Sweetie...your body changed. Since then, you became a woman!

This is so true! Your body, especially if you are a girl/woman, will change (even if your weight will remain the same). You waist can go smaller and your hips wider, or simply grow taller! No matter what, your wardrobe must be fi for you body! This is essential!!!

If it doesn't fit, it's ugly anyway!!!

In the end, I made 2 dresses. This is one of them (for the day time). The one for the evening I'll probably show you in another post...later this week. :)) Images: theFword


Anaivilo said...

That is such a lovely dress! I like the pattern , it's very fun. Can't wait to see the second :D

Arina said...

thank you sweetie! :)
well...the second one is much simpler. Images soon ;)

Aura said...

Yes, that's very true. A good fit is essential. An you know where I can see that most clearly? When it comes to men shirt. There are a lot of them who wear very large shirt, 1 or 2 sizes larger, and it just looks awful.

Arina said...

agree! agree! agree! ;)