Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Every Summer it's the same with me! The greatest feeling of them all. Nothing can compare with this. It's THE feeling!
To feel:
1.To perceive through the sense of touch
2.To perceive as a physical sensation
3.To touch
4.To examine by touching
5.To test or explore with caution
6.To undergo the experience of...
7.To be aware of; sense
8.To be emotionally affected by
9.To be persuaded of (something) on the basis of intuition, emotion, or other indefinite grounds
10.To believe; think
After a day in the sun, you feel the need of darkness. Your eyes hurt and your skin need to cool down. Darkness is a blessing and soft cotton sheets are like milk for you body. The pain is delicious. You feel more, by touching, by smelling everything around you.

You feel the need to stretch just like a cat. Sit in bed, or on the floor, or anywhere...and feel feeling feelings...

Photographer: Alex Freund
Model: Bo Dun
Magazine: Gravure MagazineFrom: TouchPuppet


Aura said...

Summer does feel good, always. I love the photos in this post.


Arina said...

:) Love them too! :)