Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where is the Summer?

Missing the fun and the sun...

Isn't it funny how we always miss some other season then the one we're living at this certain moment? :)) Oh, us humans are so funny! Even so, in my hometown the warm weather is just around the corner! How do I know that? Because of the rain. We all know that after rain, only sun can come! (or is that just me...?)

That's why this retro-inspired shoot looked perfect (maybe because of the fake feeling of it all). Oh, those girls sure look like they miss summer! And who am I (or we) to blame them?! ;)

Photography, Production and Post-Production: Ana Dias
Assistant: Ricardo Dias
Hairstyle Artist: Clarisse Fernandes
Make up Artist: Bárbara Brandão
Models: Elizaveta Egorova, Laila Pires e Alexandra Nefedova
Adornments: Luís StoffelFrom: Ana Dias Behance Profile


Costin Moraru said...

this has to be one of my favorite photoshoots ever.

Arina said...

:)) I can only agree!