Monday, February 14, 2011


Well, a Happy V-day is in order...I guess.
Not really sure, not really a fan!

But still, we are talking about LOVE. Here, we're all about the L.O.V.E! that's a subject to go on and on about for hours and hours (girls, you know what I'm talking about). My advice to you?

I believe in LOVE. I am a true - forever believer in LOVE, in good people and in happy endings. Sometimes love doesn't hurt, sometimes it does. But that's how you appreciate the true love!
Even if you get your heart broken, don't get bitter. Remain a good person and wear you heart on the outside!

As far as I go...At the end of the day: I'm a lover, not a fighter! :)
I Wear My Heart on the Outside, My Eyes did get Green, LOVE did Hurt (at a certain time) and now, I do wear Our Love On My Shoulders.

Have a lovely day!
Thank you for being here for me! Remember: It's all about the LOVE! Kisses!

Image: theFword

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