Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet Dinu Bodiciu!

This is the story: I know Dinu Bodiciu for a while now. We've met a few years ago, at My Grandma's Backyard Fashion Fair, in Bucharest. He was there to show his hand-made book covers, I was there with my stuff.
He had me at "hello!", or when he offered me a place to sit, or when I saw his work...I'm not sure anymore! :))) Even so, I'm sure he doesn't remember me.
(picture at the end of the post)

Well, now it's time for you to meet Dinu Bodiciu!!! I know you'll become a fan (if you are not one yet)! Because of his latest collection (and a super-duper collaboration) he is the person-of-the-month (in my book). Here is the story of what happened, a fragment from an interview and a few images with his collection:

On the 16th of February this year, Oana Zidaru (from Celebrities Checked Out) posted this article about Lady Gaga's outfit of choice for Valentine's Day! Well, YES! She went for a Dinu Bodiciu outfit!!!!!
You can also read (in Romanian) an interview with Dinu, on

I really love his collection! I really really do! But I think I see it in a different whey. I see it soft, and cozy, and innocent! Confusion in the mirror. Lies in the mirror...a different, strange reality that I'm crazy about! :)
[...]The collection started with the concept of mirroring, actually from the way we start to understand our own body when we look in the mirror. Because the image in the mirror is not an exact copy of reality (it loses the body's 3D element), that's why the attention falls on the body parts right in front of us.
I tried to create a collection that concentrates all the front details of the coat (shoulders, colors, sleeves), leaving the back-part completely blank [...]
from Dinu Bodiciu's Interview on DivaHair.roMy photo with Dinu Bodiciu:From: Celebrities Checked Out, DivaHair, Dinu Bodiciu

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