Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Cocoon

its all about color and shape. and handmade.-Dini

This little number also comes from Timisoara. The cocoon jacket was esigned by Dini and it's a really interesting design! Urban and cozy at the same time, I like the fact that there is a good-looking contrast between the different shapes: rounds - squares.

Now, my problem with this is that I just can't find any more information about the designer!!! Unacceptable! I really hate when this happens. You are a young up-coming fashion designer, who wants to promote his designs, but you don't have any information about you or your collection. This is not about Dini, this is about almost all the young Romanian fashion-designers. You are talented and we want to write about you.
So, get on-line kids! You must do everything possible to make yourselves more accessible to the public!From: Breslo

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