Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Redhead

Meet Ioana Liliana Gheorghe, from Fashezine!...that is if you don't already know her!

She's got a fantastic personal style, gorgeous red hair (yes, I'm still obsessed with it and I miss my Redhead so much) and some clothes that literally could steal! :)) I really enjoy her blog, as far as photos go, but also for the very interesting texts!

In the end: Viva La Redhead! :))

From: Fashezine


Laura Tenshi said...

You are not a redhead anymore? What happened? It really suits you I think...
Anyway, Ioana is such an inspiration and when I first saw her blog I had trouble believing she was Romanian. Her style is just too sophisticated and divine to think she grew up in this environment.

Arina said...

:)) I'm still a redhead! "My Readhead" :
She's my friend, my inspiration! :))
As far as Ioana goes, I can only agree with all you've said!