Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Models, Their Apartments and Asos

Let ASOS to come with something new and fun and just up my ally! They just have the perfect recipe for the Holiday season shoot (or the aw2010 one)!
- one great interior photographer: Todd Selby (runs theSelby)
- a few male and female models (young and cute looking)
- their personal apartments
- ASOS outfits

What to do:
Let Todd Selby make a photoshoot with the models wearing the ASOS outfits, in their own apartments! Now, wait for the results and be amazed! You'll just love the authentic feeling of this advertising campaign for AW '10!
:))) isn't this fun? You get to see some good-looking ASOS pieces and at the same time, take a look at the models in their own little world. What they read, what the own, what they cook...can they take care of a plant...normal stuff :)))
A little on the stalker-ish side of things, but still.
Yeah yeah! I like it too! :)From: Refinery29

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