Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleeping on a Cloud

I'm simply in love with this chair by Lisa Widén! The texture of the fabric, the shape, the color...they all speak to me! Actually, I think the chair is screaming at me: We Must Be Together!

Here are a few words about this lovely chair:
Let Cloud slide on its hidden curved rail to provide a comfortable sitting position. A soft shape that suits tall and short people alike. The seat can even switch places with the back support. Lisa Widén’s design has surprisingly modest dimensions, and will fit into any interior without dominating it. Cloud manages to be both small and comfy, with a design which is truly contemporary but nonetheless has a hint of the 1950s. It is a play on tradition, twisting conventions ever so slightly.
Sweet, sweet dreams. Nice books. Lazy autumn afternoons with a cup of tea...this chair is perfect!From: DesignHouseStockholm

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