Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Office Wear

This is the beginning of a new obsession for me. Oh joy! Like I didn't had enough already...Even so, I just can't resist the work of Ted Sabarese (a New York photographer)!

You already seen the Creature Couture shoot, so you must be familiar with his style. Now, I give you Office Wear - Office workers. In an office. Wearing clothing made entirely of office supplies. ;))) this is so deliciously funny and fashionable, that I just couldn't resist.

But why not? Get up one morning to go to the office and you put on your post-it costume, or you brown envelope skirt, or (my favorite) the xeroxed pants with images of your ass! Of course you can go for the cable dress, or the bubble-rap pants. Ohhh, the possibilities are endless!From: Behance


Blogatu said...

Buna, am o propunere de colaborare pentru tine. Adresa mea de e-mail este Este vorba despre moda!

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