Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Don't really know what to make of this. Mixed feeling HERE!!! At first I didn't like them, then I went on the other side and started to really like them. And now, I'm thinking more and more about them.
I guess if you don't wear them for a long period of time,it will all be ok. Or just take them over a pair of really light cotton socks...socks over socks...Ohhh! What won't we do for fashion?!The pair presented here seems to be the most popular right now. By Rachel Comey, this little pair comes at the price of $219.00!!! Description on Creatures Of Comfort: Soft leather socks with hidden side zipper.

Well...aaahhmmm... Uh. theFword writer! Say something smart! NOW!!!
No way!!! It's a pair of socks!!! I don't care they are leather socks!!! I'm old-school! I don't care what they are made of, they still are just a pair of socks! Better yet, just go out and buy a pair of nice leather boots or pumps! ->I'm sure you'll find great deals at the same price!

:))) so, in the end, they are not for me. What do you think? Could they find a place in your wardrobe?

From: Refinery29


Mihai said...

Leather boots ftw!!!

Arina said...


Frank John said...

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