Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sooo Cute!

OMG! OMG! OMG!I just need!!! I NEED THIS!

Well, Hello there reader! My name is Arina and I loveeee to bake cupcakes!!! I love them in all shape, and sizes, and colors, and tastes. From classic sweet ones, to ones with carrots, apples, pumpkins and so on! ..all in one, you can understand I'm a fan!

Today I did a Hungarian specialty with the Hero, called Lángos-one of Hungary's most beloved snacks, and comes in numerous variations, but is most often topped with shredded sajt (cheese), tejföl (sour cream) after first being rubbed with a raw clove of fokhagyma (garlic), or some pungent, fokhagyma-flavored oil.(from Anyways, we love it in our home-town Arad. But next weekend, next weekend I'll do cupcakes! I promise! ;))

'till then...I need these teacup-shaped silicone molds! I could bake the cupcakes in them and also serve them. Uh...that would be a great tea-party!!! ->I could be the Mad Hatter! (hmmm, going crazy here! pls help! ;))) )

From: Fred's Home

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