Monday, November 8, 2010

Roy Knows Good Jeans!

In Romania, handmade is very very popular right now. But some people just don't understand what that means and also the level of quality it involves!

Meet Roy! He knows jeans. He knows jeans very well!

First time I saw his work, I was literary amazed! It's simply fantastic to be able to see a creature at work and at the same time understanding his philosophy. The jeans are simple and perfectly cut! Another thing that makes them a winner in my book is the amount of small and exciting details that can be found on them.

Keep in mind: it is all done by hand, by only ONE man! By Roy!

Now, take a look at the images, enjoy the video at the end of the post and then visit the site, so you can learn the story!
I did all that and now I am a fan!Here is the video, by Self Edge:From: Roy

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