Monday, March 24, 2008

When LESS is just...LESS

Lately, with the coming of warm whether/spring, I've notice an increasing problem among young girls. Anorexia. Until recently, anorexia wasn't something I saw on the streets, but things changed and apparently so did the idea of perfection (regarding the body).

We think we know what this proplem is, but don't be so sure. Because of that, I'm gonna offer you some detalis about it and some really shocking pictures. So, anorexia nervosa (the medical therm) is an eating disorder characterized by obsessive dieting and starvation. The sufferer typically is below a weight that would be considered normal for his or her height. An anorexic individual may be concerned about being seen as fat or have a fear of becoming fat (even despite being underweight or thin). He or she may also be afraid of losing control over the amount of food consumed. Food becomes an obsession.

The fashion industry is directly responsible for this phenomenon. The leading country regarding anorexia is Brazil (even so, as far as I remember, Brazilian models are full of shapes, right? Apparently that didn't stop other models to become as skinny as possible). The increasing number of models suffering form this disorder made them realize there is a problem. So they came up with different solution, like medical checkups for models. For now, it's not enough, but at least there is something happening.

This is anorexia:

Remember, this is a medical problem and not a faze. It hits woman of all ages and races. This is a case when less doesn't mean more. There is nothing to gain from anorexia.

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