Monday, March 3, 2008

Summer vibe

This summer, cover everything...almost. When talking about a one piece bathing suite, people usually think sports, mothers, thing that are not necessarily sexy. But just take a look at the new one piece bathing suite, the new and improved version by famous designers (Anna Sui, Ice Berg, Pucci, Lacroix and La Perla). It's not a one piece, nor a two piece, it's something in between and as far as I'm concerned: I find it elegant, sexy and very, very stylish. The La Perla, it's true, it's a corset of some kind, but it's just so popular that i couldn't ignore it.

You'll find that this summer it's all about the natural, so this trend can be seen in the swim wear industry too. Bathing suites are created buy classic techniques - like embroidery, using cotton and other natural fibers. So, besides being gorgeous, they are environmentally friendly too.

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verdedeparis said...

Here is me, keeping my word. These are nice lines, although I'm not that into fashion :)